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Karbn's Art Collection
Saw Wounder's art collection thread and i thought it was a fantastic idea to keep track of the sets i own. i'll be posting all sets i own here. i'll be updating as the week goes on.

These sets are NOT for sale. Please don't ask me about buying these sets, I am not selling them.

1. Advens Cartoon

2. Yellow Tribal

3. Frelite head + Cartoon set

4. Ocean Monster

5. Dark Knight

6. Diablo Robot

7. Stone Golemn

8. Obsidia Night

9. Rare Tyler112 Robot Set

11. Lava Monster

12. Cartoon Robot

13. Hyrozen B-boy Set

14. Void Set

15. BlueEvil Head

16. Azurite Mystery

17. Isekai (Remake)

18. Demon Love


21. Blue Mawnstur

22. Gaara head

23.Kaneki Ken head

24. jack robot set

25.Clockwork8 Light

26. R0i V2 Head + Set

28.R0i Witch head v1

29. Taroni Head

30. Ake's Sharingan

31. Astra Bird Head

32.Roi's T-0C

33.White Anime

34. Dragon!

35. Dissolved

36. Kakashi Set

37. Hellstone Set

38. Monkey D. Luffy

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thanks Haluejah^^ and my classic set shall always be on my body :P

Hezk, i do like some of dumbn00b's art, but most of it aren't my cup of tea. this one caught my attention, and was in fact my first ever set that i bought
added project snail house, azurite mystery, and demon love. purchased from reimu and misia44
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hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord