PickingHerculesNose was awesome I really think you could've gotten that final decap but I still liked it.

Random uke was also pretty beastly.

Hattersin I'm your biggest fan! I'll watch them as long as you make them.
<Swyne> <3 Fleip
Here's some new ones :P

Had major problems with continuing on haad after the first dm.

Also Sick shit is my best yet. Totally.
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Sick shit.rpl (60.0 KB, 25 views)
quick one.rpl (117.8 KB, 19 views)
Haad.rpl (140.6 KB, 16 views)
Sick Shit is going to be impossible to beat. I liked the opener. I also liked quick one pretty well.
<Swyne> <3 Fleip
Thank you guys. i worked really hard on Sick shit cuz i felt that it was going to change the toribash world as we know it.
Finished a replay today.
A serius one this time :P

Edit: Made another one. Nahahhhh
(You guys need to give me some names for my replays...)

Doubble edit: But wait there's more!
Buy Splosion man NOW and get 3 EXTRA HUGS from Hattersin!
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Monkeyman.rpl (162.6 KB, 15 views)
Nahahhhh.rpl (227.4 KB, 17 views)
Splosion man!!!1!1.rpl (115.6 KB, 18 views)
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I liked all of them.

Snip punch was cool.

Nahahhhh was amazing I loved it.

Sposion man was pretty good I liked how he exploded what did you use?
<Swyne> <3 Fleip
I hacked the splosionman replay so he would dm every joint and dq at the same time.
and before anyone asks, i did not hack the others :P