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[Obey] - Good Times
Just a place to share all your good moments, chat quotes with friends etc and even videos.:3

Here's one featuring Me, Hattersin and Dynastyboy on skype.

[4:28:33 PM] Cuddle: Haha 5th dan and not even 8 achievements
[4:28:35 PM] Cuddle: noob
[4:37:16 PM] Cuddle: WTF
[4:37:20 PM] Cuddle: IS PIRATEBEY
[4:37:36 PM] Tim Kristiansen: Lol
[4:37:42 PM] Tim Kristiansen: lololololololololololooloololololol
[4:38:14 PM] Cuddle: |-(
[4:38:24 PM] Tim Kristiansen: So you're not joking?
[4:38:42 PM] Alex: wait omg lol
[4:38:43 PM] Cuddle: (facepalm)
[4:38:44 PM] Tim Kristiansen: Noob
[4:38:48 PM] Alex: cuddle u fucking noob
[4:38:52 PM] Cuddle: Fuck you guys
[4:38:53 PM] Alex: how is that possible.
[4:38:54 PM] Cuddle: All of you
[4:38:57 PM] Alex: how
[4:38:57 PM] Cuddle: Kill yourselves
[4:39:01 PM] Tim Kristiansen: Hi alex
[4:39:02 PM] Alex: can u use the internet
[4:39:17 PM] Alex: and not.. like do u browse under a rock?
[4:39:23 PM] Alex: hi tim.
[4:40:19 PM] Cuddle: Dude
[4:40:20 PM] Tim Kristiansen: ok i'm going to explain
[4:40:28 PM] Cuddle: Tell me wtf it is for shits sake
[4:40:44 PM] Tim Kristiansen: It's a swedish torrent site. it's like the biggest site there is
[4:42:18 PM] Cuddle: Swedish?
[4:42:22 PM] Cuddle: Then how the fuck
[4:42:24 PM] Cuddle: am I to know
[4:42:25 PM] Cuddle: about it
[4:42:33 PM] Tim Kristiansen: It's in english from sweden
[4:42:51 PM] Cuddle: I can message 10 random people on my skype right now
[4:42:57 PM] Cuddle: and I bet they don't
[4:43:00 PM] Cuddle: I fuckin bet
[4:43:01 PM] Alex: its almost like asking hurr durr whats porn
[4:43:06 PM] Alex: u will lose
[4:43:09 PM] Tim Kristiansen: xD
[4:43:10 PM] Cuddle: Pfft
[4:44:01 PM] Cuddle: brb
[4:44:25 PM] Tim Kristiansen: okai
[4:47:17 PM] Cuddle: Stay away from me
[4:47:19 PM] Cuddle: both of you
[4:47:52 PM] Tim Kristiansen: I'm on the other side of the world....
[4:47:52 PM] Cuddle: You lose because you shitass typed piratebey
[4:47:56 PM] Cuddle: and not piratebay
[4:47:58 PM] Cuddle: LMFAO
[4:48:00 PM] Cuddle: gg noobs
[4:48:02 PM] Tim Kristiansen: Alex though is in rape distance
[4:48:23 PM] Cuddle: TIM
[4:48:23 PM] Cuddle: GG
[4:48:33 PM] Tim Kristiansen: No you're a noob
[4:48:43 PM] Cuddle: Wtf is that crap even used for..
[4:48:44 PM] Tim Kristiansen: Didn't even know what Piratebay was xD
[4:48:50 PM] Tim Kristiansen: Stealing egit
[4:48:52 PM] Tim Kristiansen: Legit
[4:48:52 PM] Cuddle: YOU SAID PIRATEBEY
[4:48:54 PM] Cuddle: SO STFU
[4:48:59 PM] Alex: i said piratebay though
[4:49:06 PM] Cuddle: Alex
[4:49:07 PM] Alex: so ur still fucking stupid
[4:49:12 PM] Cuddle: I will fuckin dig my dick
[4:49:16 PM] Tim Kristiansen: It says Piratebay on my post
[4:49:16 PM] Cuddle: in ur afro
[4:49:21 PM] Cuddle: and piss all over it
[4:49:24 PM] Cuddle: then set it on fire
[4:49:25 PM] Cuddle: k?
[4:49:26 PM] Tim Kristiansen: Haha wtf xD
[4:49:38 PM] Alex: lol
[4:49:59 PM] Cuddle: Good...
[4:50:03 PM] Cuddle: End of discussion
[4:50:10 PM] Tim Kristiansen: No this is the end.
[4:50:15 PM] Cuddle: No this is
[4:50:18 PM] Cuddle: End...
[4:50:46 PM] Cuddle: Cuddle ends convo like a boss
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I said YOLO and Assazin raged O.O''

[7/14/2012 1:21:42 PM] Cuddle: YOLO
[7/14/2012 1:21:44 PM] Cuddle: thats the motto
[7/14/2012 1:21:48 PM] Cuddle: wtf u gon do bout it?
[7/14/2012 1:22:03 PM] Cuddle: yeah i thought so
[7/14/2012 1:22:05 PM] Cuddle: bitch..
[7/14/2012 1:30:33 PM] Adam: shank your fat ass with a ruler I sharpened from a junkyard
[7/14/2012 1:30:43 PM] Adam: \o/
[7/14/2012 1:30:59 PM] Adam: get a dog and have it eat your soul
[7/14/2012 1:31:15 PM] Adam: and then i'll sell said soul for five cents to a porn shop that nobody knows about
[7/14/2012 1:31:22 PM] Adam: the worst kind of fate
[7/14/2012 1:31:26 PM] Adam: and it's all yours
[7/14/2012 1:31:39 PM] Cuddle: rofl
[7/14/2012 1:31:51 PM] Cuddle: its annoying to u as much as it is for me
[7/14/2012 1:31:57 PM] Cuddle: everyone says it
[7/14/2012 1:32:03 PM] Cuddle: when its so fucking obvious
[7/14/2012 1:32:23 PM] Cuddle: its like someone telling u that ur human
[7/14/2012 1:32:30 PM] Adam: seriously
[7/14/2012 1:32:55 PM] Adam: I just want to take every single person that says that on a day-to-day basis
[7/14/2012 1:33:04 PM] Adam: put them in the biggest ditch I can find
[7/14/2012 1:33:07 PM] Adam: get some jet fuel
[7/14/2012 1:33:15 PM] Adam: and watch the explosion from miles away
[7/14/2012 1:33:29 PM] Cuddle: rofl
[7/14/2012 1:33:54 PM] Adam: and then get a medal for service to my country
[7/14/2012 1:33:56 PM] Adam: for the fucking win
[10:26:32] James(Undead): Beta is going to premeire it, because he is just.... Well...
[10:26:38] James(Undead): He offered to do it
[10:27:48] Tim Kristiansen: You're Beta
[10:27:53] Tim Kristiansen: Right?
[10:28:04] James(Undead): Lol no Beta is a whole different person
[10:28:11] Tim Kristiansen: ...
[10:28:13] Tim Kristiansen: Wait
[10:28:16] Tim Kristiansen: I'm retarded
[10:28:20] Tim Kristiansen: Right?
[10:28:30] James(Undead): Lol right that your retarted? i dont know lol
[10:29:44] Tim Kristiansen: You are Beta
[10:29:48] Tim Kristiansen: You are Beta
[10:29:51] Tim Kristiansen: You are Beta
[10:29:58] James(Undead): No?
[10:30:05] Tim Kristiansen: ?
[10:30:07] Tim Kristiansen: Really?
[10:30:07] James(Undead): I'm undead -.-
[10:30:10] James(Undead): look at my name
[10:30:12] Tim Kristiansen: But
[10:30:14] Tim Kristiansen: but
[10:30:22] Tim Kristiansen: Undead21 became Beta?..
[10:30:53] James(Undead): im not Undead21-.-
[10:31:00] Tim Kristiansen: dafq
[10:31:02] Tim Kristiansen: My head
[10:31:06] Tim Kristiansen: aaarhg!
[10:31:19] Tim Kristiansen: who is this ._.
[10:31:26 | Edited 10:31:30] Tim Kristiansen: Shit i'm so confused
[10:31:36] Tim Kristiansen: And i have a fever
[10:31:58] James(Undead): Hatterson -.-
[10:32:25] Tim Kristiansen: sinÄ
[10:32:27] Tim Kristiansen: Sin*
[10:32:34] James(Undead): no
[10:32:37] James(Undead): IM hatterson*
[10:32:48] Tim Kristiansen: But Hatterson was undead xd
[10:32:54] Tim Kristiansen: Who became Beta
[10:32:54] James(Undead): no.
[10:32:57] James(Undead): o.
[10:32:58] James(Undead): no
[10:33:02] James(Undead): they just call me beta
[10:33:06] James(Undead): because im xbeta
[10:33:11] Tim Kristiansen: ...
[10:33:13] Tim Kristiansen: ._.
[10:33:17] Tim Kristiansen: so
[10:33:23] Tim Kristiansen: You don't know beta?
[10:33:32] James(Undead): do you?
[10:34:22] Tim Kristiansen: No
[10:34:29] Tim Kristiansen: Either way
[10:34:44] James(Undead): Lol I am fucking with you. I'm Beta haha.
[10:34:53] Tim Kristiansen: WtfF!F!F Xd
[10:34:55] Tim Kristiansen: MY HEAD
[10:35:10] Tim Kristiansen: This is going on Good times Thread
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PM me with any and all questions
Best [Obey] moment so far. 11hr server and everyone spent atleast an hour with us.:3
[10:49:26 PM] Cuddle: ur just mad
[10:49:33 PM] Cuddle: u wish u had my flabs bro
[10:49:47 PM] Francois: gg
[10:49:54 PM] Alex (Ninja): in a fucking bodybag
[10:49:57 PM] Cuddle: well gonna doze off again
[10:50:01 PM] Alex (Ninja): just won
[10:50:03 PM] Alex (Ninja): nigger
[10:50:06 PM] Cuddle: see yah guys
[10:50:11 PM] Cuddle: lol alex be mad guys
[10:50:16 PM] Alex (Ninja): go cuddle a coconut faggot
[10:50:18 PM] Francois: Alex - you need friends to get high
[10:50:27 PM] Alex (Ninja): no u dont tard
[10:50:41 PM] Cuddle: aren't u like 14?
[10:50:44 PM] Francois: Well at this age
[10:50:49 PM] Cuddle: go watch hentai u fat freckle faced fuck
[10:50:54 PM] Alex (Ninja): Lolll
[10:51:09 PM] Alex (Ninja): Franny go finger ur pillow.
[10:51:15 PM | Edited 10:51:20 PM] Francois: Shut up virgins
[10:51:18 PM] :3 Pikawaiii =3: xD
[10:51:19 PM] Cuddle: franny foreskin!
[10:51:22 PM] Alex (Ninja): then come back and tell us about how u did it a party
[10:51:37 PM] Alex (Ninja): yeah
[10:51:39 PM] Alex (Ninja): i
[10:51:40 PM] Alex (Ninja): got
[10:51:41 PM] Alex (Ninja): you
[10:51:43 PM] Alex (Ninja): nigger
[10:51:47 PM] Alex (Ninja): ranga
[10:51:52 PM] Francois: did what a party
[10:52:14 PM] Francois: stupid tryhard black mexicano autralian homosexual fagnuts cunt face afro licking fuck
[10:52:28 PM] Francois: 1owt turking eating crab
[10:52:29 PM] Alex (Ninja): im not even mexicon
[10:52:41 PM] Francois: you dont have permission to breath
[10:52:45 PM] Francois: you stupid waste of oxygen
[10:52:50 PM] Francois: go bury yourself
[10:52:57 PM] Francois: in your ugly afro
[10:52:59 PM] Cuddle: black mexican
[10:53:14 PM] Francois: dynastyFAG
[10:53:15 PM] Cuddle: lmfao
[10:53:21 PM] Alex (Ninja): franny u ranga pathetic virgin dick cripple mother humping faggot cake fruit bonanzo ock licking faggot sucking gagging slut
[10:53:49 PM] Francois: go get some uncomputer generated friends you baby fucking lunatic
[10:54:08 PM] :3 Pikawaiii =3: OL
[10:54:11 PM] Alex (Ninja): franny do u want me to beat ur dick off
[10:54:14 PM] :3 Pikawaiii =3: aby fucking lunatic
[10:54:21 PM] :3 Pikawaiii =3: baby
[10:54:22 PM] Alex (Ninja): like im gonna beat it so hard its gonna just fall off
[10:54:29 PM] Alex (Ninja): with my fist
[10:54:33 PM] Alex (Ninja): fuck you
[10:54:50 PM] Francois: do us a favour
[10:54:51 PM] Cuddle: lmfao
[10:54:52 PM] Francois: die