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[Obey] - Birthdays
Name it and I'll make a list of everyone in the clan. It is of course voluntary.


23rd of Jan: ImaSlayaa

6th of Feb: Fred
14th of Feb: Platabear
15th of Feb: Hattersin


15th of Mar: Kolorz
23rd of Mar: WorldEater


10th of Apr: Kyuri
10th of Apr: Divine


10th of May: Chazer
11th of May: Granby
17th of May: Tyzo
24th of May: Joboman


10th of Jun: Kt700
22nd of Jun: Lapin


8th of Jul: Crocap
25th of Jul: 2WC


8th of Aug: Embry0nic
22nd of Aug: Trestet
25th of Aug: Gentleman
31st of Aug: Vordred


7th of Sep: Virus
23rd of Sep: Velordrel
25th of Sep: Deprived


16th of Oct: Mack


27th of Nov: Icon
29th of Nov: Risk


3rd of Dec: Spartin99
25th of Dec: Seihareach

Remember to update your age on the main thread.
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guess B)
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a day before yours tim
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guess B)

Cinco de mayo, got it. B)

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a day before yours tim

Tengo catorce anos
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