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Hole in the Wall

Hey guys! Welcome to the Event Squad's new bi-weekly automated game show event!

The Event Squad is proud to present Hole in the Wall! In this event we will be providing you with bi-weekly obstacles to complete and doing so will allow you to win prizes! Each challenge will have a different wall, which means you'll have to do different poses to pass them each time! Those who get closest to matching the pose will receive better rewards than those who do not.

1. No Replay Hacking
2. Don't change any of the game rules (ctrl + g) in the mods.
3. No replay stealing

Go to News tab in game client and choose "Hole in the Wall" event and press "Participate" button on bottom right.

Pass the wall in any way:

1x + 2,000 TC

Pass the wall by doing the pose:

2x + + 5,000 TC

Best replay:

8x + + 50,000 TC
(the remaining 6 ST and 45K will be sent after judging is finished)

April 14th, 12:00 PM (GMT +1)

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cool idea and nice event.

buthow is this bi weekly and deadline is 14 april
by monthly perhaps?
Pm me for deals
my second entry probably keeping this one
new entry better.rpl

old entry if anyone want to see

can i edit one of my entrys from the time i pass the wall i really want to edit that but i couldnt atm
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You just lost the game
I am not a scammer
It's kinda strange when you can't set tf to 1 but anyway.
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Pm me for deals
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Why be a king,
When you coud be a God