Swexx... Your replays are just fantastic!! I just don't have anything to say bad about them, you a legit replay making artist, hope one day we can spar again. I have improved the last we sparred, and I wonder if you might warm up to how my gameplay style is .
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compression throttle was really cool, but the self-damage was poopy because you didn't even use it.
compreonsornosr was cool, nice spins
turns me off that you decided to kick with right leg instead of left
and that you didnt get both knees

otherwise cool
compression throttle: Nice fluid motion and a natural-looking uppedcut which could've done some real damage if you would've been closer to Uke. Your legs are a bit twitchy right after that, and the transition from the spin to the final kick overall is abrupt. You assume an awkward pose very minimalistically, in stark contrast with the smooth opener. The sole knee DM is really anticlimactic, I think.

enzyme 2 ure hart: The spinning in the beginning is slightly stiff with both arms and legs completely straight to the sides. The awkward-looking detail is the fully contracted right hip near the end of the first revolution. You also ghost your right arm through your right leg at around 430, and your left forearm through your right leg at 130. Leg movement around that frame is a bit stiff too, with the same fully contracted position. The manipulation you do with your hand looks nice and nimble, but the kick in the beginning seems rather plainly to be a failed attempt to dismember... something, I'm really not sure what with where you're aiming it. The kick that you split Uke with is alright, if a little short. You might want to experiment with kicking with the other leg that's further from Uke. You can edit some more frames in, I'm sure you know how. Even though it leaves an unfulfilling assortment of DMs, I kind of like how you rip Uke's arm off against the kick, usually rip DMs look wimpy. I gather you don't do poses, which is plain to see here.
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dscigs i used the self damage to hurt myself, duh
also thanks zeto guy thanks for chaning your avatar i was getting really mad at you
thanks for the cnc archlurps
the first spin was stiff on purpose thoug and i personally think the contracted hip looks hip
also yeah the dms are all half assed
also finished buttukes also merry chirstmas
edit fuck cant upload it ill do it next yaer
ok ihhhhhhf
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10/10 should've made a zip download on the first page.
Gj tho, this'll help the dummies who can't figure that out.
Replays nice, will add more detail l8tr.

Also, go on Skype in the middle of the night more often :c
On the lat 2 replays

Both: need booms!

Both: were quite good, I enjoyed them

The first one: Dammit Uke is too intact to be left like that.

Doge: Your pose is unstable, needs fixing.
omg dude your foot better get a band-aid
10 likes out of 10
don't talk to me or my dudes ever again