Correct Procedure is quite awesome, but could be a lot faster and has some twichy parts at transitions.
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This replay is kinda weird.
It's in sambo and stuff. Also, I would like to see a feedback for "Finally Moving"
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Correct Procedure was amazing! 10/10 for you

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Awesome that you're pumping out replays regularly now Sucks that most new people don't know you

About "Finally Moving", the first hit was greeeat. Cool opener, 50+ speed, huge ghosting, and it was one of those hits where you feel that the game freezes for half a second while processing the massive amount of collisions.
The next hit flowed and looked great. Slapping that shit up instead of a direct punch to make it more brutal. The other two kicks were nice, not much to say about them.
The pose though, was the only thing that I didn't like that much. It seemed that you were already almost done with one that flowed, but you suddenly turned the opposite way to make another one.
Overall great stuff, enjoyed it.

As for "Easy Way Out",
All around you seemed to be struggling a bit to fight gravity, which is normal for -9.82 people and gives you guys a different feel that -30 folks don't get. Personally I like it a lot since I'm tired of the same look on -30's.
The opener was ok; felt a bit unnecessary but it wasn't necessarily bad.
But the hits, man, awesome combo. Loads of powerful hits in a short period of time that followed each other perfectly. Great, great stuff spry
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Great replays you have here.
They are all very explosive and fluid.
I would like to see more.
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Good day Dr. Freud
Thanks for those comments guys.
Especially Oblivion's comment i'ts quite rare for someone to comment on my replay in that detail.
Anyways, I tried making a replay in sambo again.
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