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Toribash 5.3
Toribash 5.33 is now available on Steam and for standalone downloads!

Updates in this release:

  • New replays UI
    Replays UI now shows much more information about replays in your replays folder - and it features upgraded search, tags system and upload to server functionality!
    What's more, you can also now view all the replays that have been uploaded to Toribash servers right from your game client, rate them and even leave comments!

  • New matchmake screen

  • Help popups

  • New color (Mana)

Update is available on Steam and standalone:

- Steam (Windows, macOS and Linux):

- Standalone (Windows):
- Standalone (macOS):

In addition to that, we're releasing the last Toribash update for Windows XP, which you can download by following this link.
All other builds (starting with 5.3) require Vista or a newer version of the OS.

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in my 9 years of playing this has got to be the best update there has been
comeback practice is a great idea btw very good job
The art and the ui placement is so well done!!
I really enjoy this new update!
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That’s incredible how much it upgrades the menu atmosphere, this is incredibly well done, thanks for the whole team, and special thanks to Hagan, that’s neat dude.
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This is very incredible. I can't wait to see new better updates and improvements when Toribash Next comes along with a new ingame mechanism
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Wow! very nice update and looks very nice. Can you add something where you double click on someone's tori while they are playing to check those stats? if you cant, maybe add it in toribash next? anyways, update looks amazing and smooth. good job toribash team! uke catch mode would make for a great event! whoever catches uke the most time wins. also its a very cool concept. if you do make an event for it, however, i think it should be called something along the lines of ToriCatch or something.

though my amount of shiai tokens seems to be incorrect... i currently have 4 and it displays it as 0, same with toricredits. can you make bug fixes?

TC issue is fixed, just the shiai tokens.


st and tc fixed
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Well there is already a stat button when you right click on someone’s name on the top right, so wouldn’t it be a bit too much ?
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Don't care about mostly anything in this.

The mental retardation about the new stock folder is disgusting. But whatever. Good job ruining stock