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Toribash 5.3
Toribash 5.33 is now available on Steam and for standalone downloads!

Updates in this release:

  • New replays UI
    Replays UI now shows much more information about replays in your replays folder - and it features upgraded search, tags system and upload to server functionality!
    What's more, you can also now view all the replays that have been uploaded to Toribash servers right from your game client, rate them and even leave comments!

  • New matchmake screen

  • Help popups

  • New color (Mana)

Update is available on Steam and standalone:

- Steam (Windows, macOS and Linux):

- Standalone (Windows):
- Standalone (macOS):

In addition to that, we're releasing the last Toribash update for Windows XP, which you can download by following this link.
All other builds (starting with 5.3) require Vista or a newer version of the OS.

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How do you use Atmospheres in this update. Help.

/atmo no longer works and the "amospheres and shaders" page just takes me to the shaders.

I then checked in the Toribash Folder and it appears its filed under script > Atmo > atmospheres but INGAME when I go to scripts, there is a folder named "atmo" but I click it and nothing is in there.

While in the Toribash Folder " script > Atmo > atmospheres" there are atmosphere's in there.

Also the pictures on my play, mods, and tools pages haven't been showing up since the first time i've downloaded and played Toribash on this update.

UPDATE: I've moved the atmo.lua file from the Atmo Folder (for example the Bubbles Atmo) and placed it amongst the other Lua's and I can load the Bubbles atmo lua. And it works like normal. ANd I'm assuming if I also move the Bubbles shader from the Bubbles Folder to the Shader area, I can load the shader for Bubbles as well.
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/atmo has been deprecated, atmospheres will be remastered with next release.
You can still enable atmospheres by loading the script manually though.
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/atmo has been deprecated, atmospheres will be remastered with next release.
You can still enable atmospheres by loading the script manually though.

im unable to even open the new toribash client send help
every time I collect my daily reward my it crashes my game. I mean it gives me the TC but just crashes my game every time. So?
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Cya soon

-----nvm, Toribash is not optimized for my MacBook

15 inch 2016 2.6GHz intel core i7, 16gb LPDDR3, Radeon pro 450 2048 MBB intel HD graphics 530 1536 MB. Running high Sierra

Idk if that'll help any.
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I like the new everything, but there are a couple things that are grinding my gears.

1. I can't collect daily reward because it either claims to be expired or it can't connect to toribash servers to do so.

2. The belt often displays wrong. Goes in between my 4th dan and a white belt.

I am currently using the steam version.

EDIT: These may be caused by my own internet connection.
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