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ES Tournament Victory Statistics

The old "The Best of the Champions" project is making a comeback as an auto-updated publicly accessible page!
With the use of the new ES prize sender tool we've been logging every single official event since January '18 and now there's enough data to use for a proper players top list.

Tournament Victory Stats are based on Knockout and Victory tournaments hosted in-game by Event Squad members. You can customize the time period you're looking for and number of players to display (up to 100). Additionally, you can view the best clans.

ES Tournament Victory Stats are available from the left menu bar in Torishop under "Toribash" section.
Good job

So what happens if someone with 3 wins leaves our clan? Will we drop from 16 to 13 wins or are the wins staying there?

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It looks for player's current clan so yeah, if they leave then clan rating would drop.
Reasoning behind that was that a tourney win is a player's feat rather than their clan's so any point they get applies to their current clan.
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Nice. Does this count ES Hotseat and ES Victory stats or only ES tourneys?

KOs and Victory tourneys' 1st places.
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When will Countries be implemented?
Now doing recoloring for people not in the clan as-well, PM for more info!