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[Tribe] Tribe

We are Tribe.
The gravel and dust crumples under your feet. You take a moment to gather your strength, and attain your bearings. A shrill wind whistles past your ear, grains of sand lashing at your face. Behind you lay mountains, in front of you, seemingly endless dunes of sand and gravel. Rubble of a civilisation forgotten by man. You muster yourself and clench your fists. One foot, then the other, taking you towards the vast expanse of gold and grey. The harsh sun beats upon your brow, so you raise your hood. Together with your mask, you can see but a slit through the cloth and violent winds. You can feel the warm sand fall away underfoot as you ascend the dunes. It's a struggle just not to fall.
As you reach the crown of the highest dune you fall to your knees. Exhausted from the journey. Quaking knees and quivering arms collapse beneath you and the sun's bloom clouds your vision - save two silhouetted figures, black as the void against the beating white of the sun.
You were searching for a lost Tribe, rumours surrounded their very existence as they disappeared many moons ago. The figures, the markings. What did they all mean?

As a clan we aim to provide a relaxed place where you can chill and have fun playing toribash (and other games). We pride ourselves on giving everyone a fair chance. We enjoy clan wars and taking things seriously where applicable.

Short term goals:
  • Recruit new blood
  • Resurrect old blood using voodoo magics
  • Win a clan war
  • Dominate the entirety of Toribash and lock hampa in our tree house then poke him with sticks
  • Die then become official again
  • Die again, then revive again and win clan league
  • Keep dying then reviving, winning clan league then dying again
  • Destroy a clan's will to clan

Join us on Discord


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