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[Tribe] Diplomatic Altar

Current Alliances

You come seeking an alliance with Tribe? Why should we ally ourselves with you?
We don't want "single allies", only strong clans. State in this thread why your kin are worthy to stand by Tribe in battle and ceremony.


You wish to war Tribe? Post here issuing your challenge, friendly or otherwise and we will oblige.

War History

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Hey, we [AS] All Stars, want to seek for alliance with you Tribe people.

Why? Well I think we have done pretty good so far for a clan that's not even 1 year old yet. We are the highest level clan in the game right now and rank 1. Activity in game is on top level, with forums we are decent. Have a lot of notable players and I think we can have great time being allies maybe even some future events? (That's in the long run)

Anyway, have a great day Tribe people.
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Hi, W A R us I'll pull my pubes out with my teeth if you decline. Also we'd like to wager, negotiations would be wonderful.
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