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Crashing or leaving with active bet
When you crash or leave with an active bet, your tc is just sunk.. gone..
My suggestion is that it should not be sunk. Even if you're gone, if you win
you get the profits, if you lose, the counters get the profits.

This would help in a lot of ways like when people ping or leave after they bet (unintentional)
and when people force ping or spec when they are about to lose (they would still lose their tc, but you would get it if you bet on the other guy).

The suggestion for this thread was that leaving, disconnecting, or pinging with an active bet on wouldn't sink your tc. The bet would still be in-play and if you won the bet, you'd get the profits, and if you lost, the counters (people who bet on the winning player) would get your tc.

Also, if the bets are canceled, you get your tc back.

Yet another edit. This time it is to update the suggestion entirely. I realized an issue with the
original suggestion not too long ago, but here it is:

What if (let me use Flame's terminology) there are bets on Player 1 and on Player 2 and
one of them disconnects? Whether they self-bet or not isn't an issue here, but if a player
were to disconnect, be it by ping or intentionally leaving or spectating, that would mean
that the player loses, right?
So all of the people that bet on him would lose their bets, and the people who bet on
the one that didn't disconnect would win profits..
See, in this case, this suggestion would backfire as people would lose their tc (bets) just
because a player disconnects or decides to leave after you bet on him.

Sorry I didn't think of this earlier, but I think we don't have to totally scrap the idea,
just rethink it a little.
Lets see.. What if this was limited only to when people disconnect, leave, or ping only in
the Queue, meaning that if a player leaves or disconnects while playing, all bets are
payed back, except for his. And if a player disconnects after placing a bet, but is not
(in-queue or spec), his bet stays active, like was originally suggested.
This way, you ONLY lose your tc (bet) if the player you bet on actually loses his match
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