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Bigger Tits!
Ok lets be honest here 99% of the community are guys, and nobody wants a flat chested tori I mean are you serious? This may add a bit of lag, but yet a bigger sex appeal too the game.

Your ideas about this absolutely great suggestion.

Heres an example.
As much as i would love this, this will never be added XD. With 4.0 the game was trying to appeal to younger audiences with the new sounds, and this will never appeal to younger people. If anything it'll get them grounded lol. So as said before, as much as i would love it, this will never be implemented

Also, if you want stuff like this, try torisex.tbm mod. Have a good day c:
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Heh good idea but then comes the problem of different body models and dimensions so it may be easier to dq the female because of her tits and the male(judging from reference picture) would be wider
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1. mod it

2. given the recent decrease in age of the audience, this would be inappropriate

3. wut?

4. seriously... wut?
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Like they said, tits are a mod thing.

There's already many mods with tits... And there's many with dicks...

So um, /suggestion

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