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accessories fordge
What toribash needs is an option where you can create say perhaps say spikes on your leg. What i would imagine is there would be a section called decorations. This wold work similar to the flame forge. If you click decorations a little graph of yor tori would appear and you would click on him anywhere you like to start your decoration. You could free draw it or choose from simple shapes. One finished you would select a color. Finally you could select the option for it to move similar to hair, or make it freeze and not move.
Nothing is really from with having that edited on there to look like a wang cac , hah.
If there was a problem with such steelpackage.tbm wouldn't be there.
But all i see this becoming is a huge waste and just create an obnoxious look , not to mention how it'd glitch around with the effect of movement.
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