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Custom start poses
I was never a fan of the way toris posed at the start in sparring, it never bothered me but I didn't like it. Imagine if you could have custom starting positions for both players. It could lead to tons of possibilities for replay makers and mod makers.
I would see this as getting a steady position ingame and then having a savve conmand for the pose to be used later on for a start, the pose may even be able to be differed between players.
Yes I know this idea is a long shot but if it were to work then it could open up tons of possibilities
Minibash reference.
Yes, It would be cool, but what if people use it as an advantage to other players, I mean in wushu, the other guy has his custom start pose while the other has none, the other guy got a jump start of whatever (I suck at wushu btw) and the other guy is just starting the pose, the guy wins, the other guy lost, and the guy who lost doesn't know how to have a custom start pose.
~Something like 69% supported.

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No no no, it isn't a start option for players specifically, it is a game start that can be used in replays and such. wushu will still be the same, the options for custom start will be decided by Op's powers.
Make it no custom,Op's make starting positions for everyone(same positions)to use.But this really beats the purpose of the game.
Bye bye toribash
So I could have a 20k duel in aikido and make my starting position a shovel to get the jump on the enemy? No thanks.
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It is an on/off option
If you turn it on during a duel that's your fault. My idea is by no means to be used for competitive reasons. It's for fun mods such as katana mods, the other use is for replay making.
And 4kid that's sorta what I was getting at. P.S this does NOT affect the game purpose.
There could be limits and rules to this. It could detect any shovel linked pose's and make the player start with the default one
I could see this working in a Tourney or so, if the OP made poses for both players. It could also set with mods for more interesting mods.
right on