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Ideas About "Draws"
Do ppl piss you off by ending every round with a draw?

I have an idea of something called "MaxDraw"

/maxdraw (number)

If round ends with a draw (number) times, both players will be force spec'd


/maxdraw 3

if both players matches ended with a draw 3 times, they get force spec'd

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/set drawwinner

I always saw this as a really dumb rule seeing as it encorages the draw winner to invoke a draw. maxdrwaw should be implemented
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Not that big of a problem really. If its a public server, just go to #support or something to get them to stop or just leave. Doesnt seem worth adding.
If this was implemented people would abuse it, In wushu your opponent could just keep running to get there opponent spec'd
After we have to watch several draws by two people in the black belt tournament server ending with 0-0, we came up with some ideas.
The first idea was similar to the "/maxdraw 1" command Karstnator introduced. One can refine it by adding some conditional statements, like
- it would only apply on 0-0
- only in dojo games or mods, where you start close to your opp (noone wants to be knocked out from a mushu tourney by a runner, right?) - the mod creator guy would be smart enough to add the flag when it's necessary.

Or, in the case of 0-0, simply the one closer to the center could win, since he's the one who didn't run. If you can lure the opponent away from the center, and go back, before him, you're a pro anyway. It would make the duelist fight for the center of the arena, so there's less chance to end up in 0-0.

Finally, I would argue about calling the support. There was like 10+ and it came no-one's mind to call the support. That is just not the natural way, since they didn't do anything that breaks any rules. Now, that we only have one tournament server for each Qi category you probably don't want to 'just leave'.
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dq both on second draw. solved

You mean end in another draw?
I don't like military time, I prefer metric or imperial.