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Multiple Hair Activations
I'm trying to create a new hair style by putting on more than one, I feel like the hair guy. But seriously I don't think I'm the only one wishing to put on more than one hair style at a time.

I think you should have to deactivate the item to remove it not just AUTO remove like c'mon, please support this, I have multiple hairs I would like to try together.

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well you can use this method, you only need a Set.

put one item in set>activate it> put other desactivated items to that set directly.

well couple months ago we could use multiple hairs, i thikn they removed that option because the hair kinda glitch together.
no u

Moved some posts to another one of your threads, regarding hair forge.

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Pretty sure I've explained how hair works several times before, though it's been a while so I'll do it again.

If you've poked the hair forge then you'll know hair is made of a bunch of numbered segments, that OFC has the downside that each segment number can only be used once per tori.

However it is possible on paper to use multiple hair objects together... Kinda. It depends on a couple of things - the name, and the segments used in the hair being used.
I'll explain each and why they matter.

Why the name? Because TB puts priority on items alphabetically, as in if you have 2 of the same type activated the one that comes first alphabetically will be the one used. EG. Acid force + Demon force = Acid force will show because alphabet. The same applies to every item that can be equipped.

So taking the name into consideration and being aware that literally speaking "hair A" will have priority over "hair B", you can now hit segments.

In this example hair A uses segments 1-7 (I'm just pulling these numbers out my ass BTW) and hair B was forged weirdly and uses 4-10.
Hair A will 100% be visible, and the last 3 segments of hair B will show too.

It's pot luck I'm afraid. Some of the hair items have been forged so they use high numbered segments, but most are in the bottom, with a couple sitting in the middle. Why? Fuck knows, ask whoever made them why they picked those numbers.

All in all yes it's possible to use more than 1 hair item, but you're stuck on guess work or you could DL various people who have hair items & poke their custom file to find which numbers each type uses so you can find working combinations.

If you do feel like doing that put your findings somewhere on the forum so others can help out & share the knowledge. ;)
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