Twitch Weekend
Well you can't assume everyone knows that. because obviusly neither me or Jisse understood. This was not me or Jisse being stupid.
PM me with any and all questions
Stop insulting yourself, lets talk about the event instead.

Call me whatever you want, but I changed my mind.
Art event kgo
oh yeah
yeah ART event GO
"0h no" -Trice
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How about a lottery?

Events have lost their touch.

So here's what we should do.

We do a lottery where everyone pays an entry fee, and then someone rights all of the names down on paper and picks them out of a hat and posts it on youtube.

The winner gets all of the tc (we could change this) and random orc and chronos we have lying around.
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Let me get an Orc Lax first... lol.
No jk, but its an great idea. I actually think it would be awesome to have an lottery.
But, public or just for tha org?