school is shiz.
Have been bit inactive lately, will be about 1 week more (first week of our 'test week' is ending tomorrow, theres still some tests on next week)
My signatures are trash
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School sucks, may be on from time to time through the year. But i wont be on much until the end of school. Or at least untill the winter.
Better than Hattersin Belt.
Yeah, know that feel. I'm lucky I have no life. Feel free to duel me sometime in between tho :>
PM me with any and all questions
About time someone used this thread.
I'm leaving tomorrow morning (in like 5 hours) for my friends cabin in hopes of a crazy New Years party and some snowmobile shit.
It's far out in the middle of nowhere and I'm gonna be there until the weekend..
This means I'm probably going to be without internet most of the time, and if I do get a signal I still won't be able to play or sing on Skype.

So yeah, expect a slow week from me o7
PM me with any and all questions
Don't have fun. That's to mainstream, just swag out and pretend not to care.
I have exams coming up so I'm just putting in a warning before people think I died
(really though its exams im pretty much dead)
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