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How many hours do you sleep per day?
I sleep 6 -7 hours at morning then 1-3 hours at afternoon, not the same than doing the whole 12 hours in arow tho unless it's weekend, then yes, i can get to sleep properly.
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sometimes bare minimum, rare occasion i'll get a long slumber, normally, i'll get woozy around 11 at night, and it'll take me either about an hour or two to get myself in bed, there i fall asleep sometimes maybe taking an hour, going to bed depending on the day i will get least 3 hours and max 7, i have troubles relating to sleep.
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When i was in highschool i was sleeping like 4-6 hours per night and maybe when i had free time 2-3 more hours in the day. Now at university i want to have at least 8 hours of sleep per night if possible.
2-4 hours a night when i was in college and 12 hours in the weekends, ever since i got a job it's a bit more balanced, usually 6 hours on weekdays and 10 hours in the weekend
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