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Climbing Genesis Event
Welcome to the event!
•Grabbing is allowed and encouraged! Some holds don t have grab on. The replays don t have to be beatiful to receive points.

•Replay Hacking is NOT allowed. Any player that gets caught for using replay hacks will be immediately disqualified.

• Attached in the Discord are 10 maps of varying difficulty, your mission is to get to as many of the checkpoints as you can. If there isn't a clear line signaling the checkpoint you must get to the highest hold to get the point.
The scoring goes as follows:
-for maps without checkpoints-one point will be awarded for reaching the end hold and grabbing with both hands.
-for maps with checkpoints-each checkpoint will reward 0.5 pointsNOTE: if 2 players are tied for points the one who had a smaller amount of frames in their replays wins.
NOTE: you will not get extra points for having a beautiful replay.

• In the Discord section there is a server that'll have a leaderboard updated by Genesis Squad. Replays are to be sent to one of us directly via the discord to prevent cheating(having them posted in the public could get your replay stolen).

• This is a Genesis Squad event not staff, so we advise you to contact us with any issues (let's not have any tho )

Application is closed!!! Event has started.

Application deadline is: 1.4.2020 a maximum of 10 participants will be accepted.
The structure of the event goes as follows:
-Qualifiers:- 10 maps (5 days dead line to submit replays)
-SemiFinals:- 6/8 maps(top 6 from qualifiers)(4 days deadline to submit replays)
-Finals:-2/3 maps(top 3 from SemiFinals)(3 days deadline to submit replays)
-First place: 30k and Jiyu dreads
-Second place: 20k and Maya Force
-Third place: 5k and Aurora Ghost

Discord: ( the discord link doesn't work, pm me at Bloody Ripper#5260 I will respond as fast as possible)
Join it for updates and more details (anyone can join, not only participants ).

Donators : duck
Participants: CutterChop, Toril, Zubin, Karbn, Groot, 0Achieve0, Fuuji, Hugsteur
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