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Custom start poses
I was never a fan of the way toris posed at the start in sparring, it never bothered me but I didn't like it. Imagine if you could have custom starting positions for both players. It could lead to tons of possibilities for replay makers and mod makers.
I would see this as getting a steady position ingame and then having a savve conmand for the pose to be used later on for a start, the pose may even be able to be differed between players.
Yes I know this idea is a long shot but if it were to work then it could open up tons of possibilities
Maybe players could put the custom start pose in mods only? I've noticed that toris act a bit weird when modders try to put them in different starting positions.

Supported-ness :V
replays pls cnc me
Because there isn't an actual way to do it, atleast a way meant for doing it.
Maybe an option for players specifically to have it on/off
And the poses will only appear if both players have it enabled at match start.