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Official Clan Medals
Make the Clan Leader(s) be able to create medals for their Official Clan to give their members it/them. There can be a limit on how many medals can be created and a limit on how many medals leaders can give to members, the reason of this idea to make the members proud of themselves and think they achieved something in the clan that they always wanted to be in. The medal(s) will appear on their profile somewhere and also appear on their post below their clan name.

Medals Customization

Clan Leaders will be able change the Medal’s color, the colors have to be unlocked by buying them for clan points, every color is for 100 clan points and the popular colors like: Bronze, Iron, Gold and Diamond will cost a lot more... like 500 for Broze and Iron, 1000 for Gold and Diamond. The Free colors: Black, White, Red and Green! And also the leader(s)will be able to change the name of the Medal of a course. The main image of the medal:

Big Image

Couldn’t find a better image.
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Instead of an addition image or something in user post for that medal. Although this is bit irrelevant but gives me an idea.

Would be a nice variation for perks shop
something like you can only buy this when something is fulfilled. Perhaps instead of a medal, something like an icon that can be put at the next of official clan like how red and blue clan with their tori head.

Something like
Bronze icon - Get Official Status - 500
Silver icon - 1 year official status - 1000
Gold icon - 2 year official status - 2000
Black icon - 4 years official status - 4000

back to the main suggestion. Since there is already clan logo in your post, an addition for the medal would be too cramped. A new line below clan but above the mood maybe? Can't think proper place to put it
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