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Boring playstyles good or bad, are very effective (See Diamond). I doubt a rule will change the mindset for a competitive event.

I regards to the other posts and play styles, people just may remember few good examples and are making a point based on that, but truth is that they were few, and as they went away the other playstyles got more attention. I remember back in the day it was the same as today, same old moves, same everything. It's more refreshing to play newbies than higher belts, but don't make the past look like it was different.

Competitive or "try hard" play has always been much the same in all mods. And like I said, I have no problem with those playstyles, even in wushu, because the game allows for it. You can't change players' behavior, you can only change the environment and capabilities therein. Anyway, in the last line of my original post I was specifically talking about point holding and running in boxless wushu when I said "boring", not the other stuff.

Bear in mind I was talking particularly about the "death" of Wushu in the body of my post. I was also talking about a time much earlier than 2016... maybe this isn't your first account and I'm misjudging (this isn't my first acct either), but I'll mention this for added context: I referred to much earlier than '16. In wushu things were different, there was a whole melodrama thing that went down... and for those aware of the melodrama, I don't agree with the idea (which some in my clan championed) that you can make play "fairly" in tournaments. You can't force players to cb or not to shovel, lol that's absolutely crazy and delusional tbh.
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I would actually argue that the problem isnt tryharding, but that the mods we play competitively arent actually that good for interesting competitive play.
All the duel mods are basically as old as this game, and use the default tori.
These mods were made back in the day when people didnt really know what the optimal ways of playing this game even were.
Nowadays we know that crabbing, shoveling and just running are basically the best ways to win.

I would argue that if people could look for new more interesting mods with more complex methods of winning, for example such as mods where everything else but feet dq, making balancing super important on top of just dq or dmg. This way we could find interesting competitive matches.
None of the mods we currently play competitively really house that much competitive variety and that I feel is the problem.

Nobody has a problem with people tryharding in CS:GO or Tekken or maybe Dota, because those games are designed with competitive variety.
Toribash isnt that, and I doubt we ever will see people giving new more complex mods a shot, since the playerbase is already small, and set in its ways.

too true. But it seems they go for the old, less "interesting" mods in search of reliability, in such an unreliable game, particularly because you can use "cheese" moves in them. If you give duelers a mod that doesn't allow for something cheesey like shovels or point-holding, they probably won't want to play it because they can't stack the odds in their favor. I'm not sure if an "exciting" and "cheeseable" mod exists or is even possible.
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Toribash isn’t meant to be a competitive game at all you do know that right, but you do understand people will make any game competitive just for the benefit to get things out of it being competitive, toribash is too rng to be relied on at all in competitive

this makes a lot of sense, as a less skilled player and non-dueler I hadn't considered that in such specific terms.

It seems to me that duelers don't want to play more "exciting" mods, but ones where a win can be made into more of a certainty. You can't change a players behavior in a ruleset, you can only change the ruleset - but you can't force someone to play in a ruleset that is less reliable in a game that's already unreliable. Slightly repeating myself.

That said I don't resent intentional runners or shovelers, or whatever cheese players. The game allows for it, there is good reason to run if you're trying to win (tho, obviously from my clan I always cb), but the game also allows for chase - it's harder, but that's part of the game too. But I like challenges and don't care if I lose, and when someone is running a 30+ streak in lenshu or abd from a competitive meta, i'll be first in line for the meat grinder.
well, anyway, who wants to play spiritwrestling or a5 or something.... what is it, a7, whatever.

Why don't you all just duel in lightning mods
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