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BounceOut (Trampoline fUn)
This is a little thread advertising a mod I made called BounceOut, I got tired of asking random peeps to play it ingame, so I guessed a thread would be the next logical step ig.

A lot of the replays of people actually playing are gonzo so I'll just be showing some screenshots of me instead. :P Keep in mind that BounceOutv3 is the official version that I think works better, but v4 is a jousting version.

But here's the imgur

some tips before you head into it.

You can grab the smaller dark ones for saves but they'll still bounce you otherwise

It's rkmma gravity and timer

its hard to hit the bounce pads the right way for an opener (atleast for me)[/FONT]

Would love to see replays and hear suggestions or ideas. This is my first mod and I wanna get better than this.
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