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Dashsora, i set the strength of Joint Object 3, to 999999 as you said, and Object 4 and Joint Object 3 have 45, -45, 0 as their rotations.
If i'm correct, you're including the dagger handle (Object 1) that is underneath the foot, as a object that has to have the same rotation as Object 4. If that's the case, i'm wondering how the rotations are to be set, as Object 1 is also connected to Object 3.
Don't have different rotations for objects you're gonna link together. Keep em straight and play on their scale to fit your needs (like this).

Also. If I do what your example suggests, then I will have to use more objects to stop the weapon sliding off the side of the foot. I want to create one for each foot, which means I can only use 4/16 objects per foot, and one is the dagger blade that goes on the handle underneath the foot. This means that the other two objects that is on the top of the foot, has to be angled so it blocks 2 and a half of the sides of the foot.
Object 3 Blocks the right, the top right, and the front side (via blocking the front of the ankle joint).
Object 4 blocks the back, the left, and the top left side.
Object 3 and 4, accumulatively, block the top side of the foot (top right side [\] + [/] top left side = top side [/-\)
Object 1 (the handle of the dagger part) blocks the bottom, and prevents the foot from colliding immediately with the blade of the dagger.
I cannot add more objects, or I would only be able to have 2 of the weapons (1 per person).
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I am facing a weird problem with my mod. All I want is for regular hits (kicks, punches) to score points normally, but they don't. Mind you, damage threshold is off, and most body/joint points are not modified from their default values. If someone can figure out what's going on I'd really appreciate it.
Seems to work fine for me, atleast in sp. Is the problem in mp?
Maybe the problem is with your version of tb.
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For me the problem is in both, SP and mp. I'm using 5.12.

Try setting distance really close, like 200, and hitting opponent in the head. Do you see points being scored?
I don't mean to sound needy, but does anyone know how to resolve my mod issue?
The details are on page 133 and 136.
So er, i made a mod and all the reaction times are screwed up, and i made it similar to akidio 10,20,20,30,30,35,35,40,40,40,50,50,50,50 accept i added 6 more "50"s because the total length of the match is 800, not 500, but everytime i try the mod after uploading it, it sets the reaction time to 10,1,1,1,1,1,1,10, or something similar to that, and i fixed and re uploaded it multiple times. Am i missing something or am i just dumb??
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