i have a clean .wav file, but it's scratchy and nasty sounding in-game. what went wrong? it's pure static grating evil noise.

I've tried 24 bit, 16 bit, and 8 bit sounds, but they all come out the same garbled mess.

What specifications does the .wav file have to be?
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What specifications does the .wav file have to be?

1411kbps is what normally works for me. Pretty sure this is the default for most .mp3 to .wav converters, but I could be wrong.
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Wrong filetype. Not packed in RIFF container.
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The YouTube Mp3 converter is not working, when I put the link from my video/song, it says that its unable to convert it, please help?
help making the youtube URL to an mp3.
when i try to copy and paste into the first "site" it says "There is some Maintenance going on. Please try again within the next hour." is it really in maintnence or ot because i keep trying for hours.... I first tried 2 Days ago!.
plz help me.