Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
Yeah... checked, its true, inviting : )
Welcome to VoC(I think after leaving a clan you must wait some time but you can post on our thread ;p)
Hi, DvSpl
I know I already asked you if I could join (VoC), it's just that I really like your clan. As of now I have become slightly more active on the forum. Anyways, here's my second attempt to apply;
Name/nick: Frosterman
Age: 14
Belt: Brown/about 200 or so games from black.
Your favourite mods: Gtboxing, Gtfightnight, Zweihander, Judo, Aikido etc...
Activity, forum and ingame: Just began to use forum, play Toribash almost everyday.
Why you want to be part of VoC: So I can be adequate by successfully joining a clan, and so I can find some tori friends.
Say something about yourself, hobby etc: Taekwondo student, I have a tendency to find baby birds and actually rescue them successfully.
Youre close to black, so you have some game experience, about forum, hm, if you think you can be active, sure, ill give you a try, i'll wait a little with invite, just to watch what other members say : )
Hmm. If you can be more active on forum I say yes. Also, try playing more "real" mods
Formerly known as MrUnicorn
I sexually identify as an avacado
I would give him a try.
And yea try lenshu3ng wushu and other mods you find fun to you.
Like scorpions and torisex.
But try to skill yourself in tournament mods aikido aikido big dojo greykido teakkon wushu lenshu3ng rkmma.
Hmm you need to update what kind of brids did you haalp ? hmhm ?
I'ts really improtnat right now. Maaan (or girl ) (or ga.....C: lub you friend)
Name/nick: Monster ( i eat children )
Age: 15
Belt: Black Belt
Your favourite mods: any of the Aikido based mods like big dojo
Activity, forum and ingame: i play toribash almost every day
Why you want to be part of VoC: i have played in few clans and loved playing in wars and competitive play, also i have become very experienced in aikido based mods and really love aikido big dojo. with this experience i think i will be a helpful asset to the clan and i promise that i will be more forum active and post on the clan discussion thread
Say something about yourself, hobby etc: i love toribash and love to play sports like rugby so i might be away but only for a day max

i also like other games

Steam name - music man

Skype - A Ckeeky Scrub

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ FOREVER DONG ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
I say yes. I met him ingame
Formerly known as MrUnicorn
I sexually identify as an avacado