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All-Stars is made of prime players around the community. We have gone through a lot of change, a lot of waves of members. Including Sparrers, duelers, artists, mod makers, etc. Some stay and some leave, but everyone has had their impact on making All-Stars the clan it is. We know no one is perfect. But we believe in teamwork, And that we can complete each other to make the best clan in the game. Now leaders from older Top-Clans are coming together to make sure All-Stars comes out on top. We also haven't forgotten that the reason we are here is to have fun. specifically, have fun playing the game. which is why we are so active in-game. warring, hosting events, or simply hanging out.

1 - Toribash's Global Rules must be followed!___________.
2 - Be loyal to the clan.____________________________.
3 - Don't disrespect anybody, will it be from the clan or not.
4 - No "shit-posts"________________________________.
5 - Stay cool at all times.___________________________.

This is the "Bank" of the clan:

None yet.
If you want to know what type of allies we are looking for, then send us a PM.

[x]50 Members
[x]Clan Level 90
[x]Finish 750 Wars
[x]1,000,000 TC in the Clan Bank
[x]Have Clan Video
[x]Host a Tournament
[x]Host an Event
[x]Become Official
[x]Be the Top Clan in the Clan List

[ ]Be the first clan to get Level 100
[ ]Finish 1000 Wars
[ ]Make a better clan video

If you are interested in joining [AS] All Stars, then you are welcome to make a free-form application on our [Recruitment Page].
More info about the recruitment on the actual page.

Official Clan's Discord Server:

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