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Epic, but I was dissapointed by the lack of decap and crotch/abdomen booms.

i was able to do a really large boom with that sidekick but the problem with that was that my tori flew to far away from uke, and ending it there wouldn't really be that great.
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The dismemberments were perfect, and you had no problem with movement whatsoever.
The manip looked awesome too, I liked it the most for some reason.

i always thought you were more of a boom guy pusga, seems like i was wrong ^^. Thanks for the positive comment.

Today i finished a selfspar that i have been working on for a verry long period of time and here is the finished replay.
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A true replay maker only knows blood,sweat,tears and glory...ALSO failure, ALOT of failure.
also i sing harshvocals n stuff
I am a mixed bag.

The way you got on your feet after the throw was genius. Spars are definitly not my thing but that was amazing.
I'm a fan of how you grabbed his arms too.
There's really nothing remotely bad in the replay, I think you're done with trying to get it right, and you're onto the trying to never get it wrong part.
Great replay. The minor flaws and in purities were certinally made up by the action. Like pusga said, the throw and the way you got on your feet was brilliant. I really enjoyed the dodges starting at 570.
The only thing I really disliked was the last arm dm, how you threw the sword.

Over all a great replay, perhaps the best self spar I've ever seen.
Hi ill post my replays here if that's okay please post comments on them below
I enjoi constructive critsizim

The replays are all spars im still sorta new so yea

edit: too ashamed
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Guess who's back with a selfspar :#

toribash is abit weird when it comes to using fractures in replays, so the neckbreak is abit delayed but it shouldn't be too bad.
the replay is actually ment to be called bloodletting but for some reason when i saved with that name the fracture wouldn't trigger hence making the takedown seem weak/dumb.

well enjoy
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Swex- Bloodlettingz.rpl (1.41 MB, 419 views)
A true replay maker only knows blood,sweat,tears and glory...ALSO failure, ALOT of failure.
also i sing harshvocals n stuff
Nice I like the part when you took a ride on ukes head and he was spining around and then soon you choked him. The reactions how you backed up to the wall and reacted to his hits, I say a 10/10 would fit you best

Also whats the mod called?
I'm ready for my daily dose of cringe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nice Swex. I really liked the scissor twist.
9.8-10 cause didn't really like how long the scissor took.
But besides that, It was Awesome!
Question could you like PM what you set your game rules as XD because i like how you make it realistic and i wanna know how you dm uke so easily
Guess Who's Back?
WOW WOW WOW. This is one of the best replays i have EVER EVER seen. So realistic and cool!!!