Great, I have always loved your fluidity and destructivity in your replays, it's nice to see you here nowadays.

Some hits looked weak for me, but the big booms counterweighed them.
Nice replay as always.
Cool beans. love the brutality portrayed (even if it a bit messy). you should go for a knee boom. I got one in my edit, but it doesn't stick to the brutality.
spry :O
Still insanely destructive in your unique way. You're a bit more slow but still, awesome.
Great opener on Resistance and great replays.

Don't forget about this thread plz!!!!
We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
3dm -> 4dm... damn girl...

Nah man, clunky opener
Luscious spin
excellent split
Masturbational 4dm.
Your poses are so simple yet somehow very imposeing.. HAHAHAHA no. Spelled the sucka wrong anyhow.

I'm finding your shorter replays more attractive... 9.6/10

Take a gander at my thread? Don't force your eyes on the first replays.. yuk
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