What do we have here?

The opening was decent, but I did not really like the initial start of it all.

The speed you got on that kick, in that little time was awesome. And the kick itself was not too shabby, although it would be mind blowing if you got everything head and all in the kick.

The other kick was pretty generic but cool, watch out sometimes though because in a few cases you hardly move your arm at all which kills the overall look.

The pose was, um unique? (I didn't like it to be honest)

But seeing as it's one of your first few replays in a while I'll give you a 9/10

I'm really liking the style though.
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Well, I was going to comment, but Mr Jingles pretty much summed up what I was gonna say...and is it just me or does the replay look a little bit...jumpy? I mean the actual replay is good but it's like my TB is laggin or something.
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I am not that good with sambo. Also, I was unsatisfied with that pose too. And I lost the will to edit the pose in that replay

Oddly enough, the replay I am about to post is quite old. The only thing that changed is the pose
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*Fap* Delicious opener
Lovely little split
Great 4 dm
Ahh cheeky grab dm ;)
^still looked like a beastly punch man
Pretty nice control on that landing
and the pose was pretty damn badass as well..

Great flow, lush style, no spazzes as far as I can tell.. Fantastic madman spry. Only thing was the grab dm.

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I never really looked at this thread but now that I did I'm just gonna camp here until you make another replay if you don't mind.

Superb replays, explosive and fast.
oh yeah
Shady Encounter: The manip was great, and the punch was brilliant.
The decap + kick was very nice too, at first I thought it was only a decap but then I was happy.

Paper Rabbits: This replay speaks for itself. If I dared to say any good on this it would not be enough. The only minor flaw I found was when you ghosted your left arm through the respective leg, but nothing too bad.
Congratulations, that's going on my top 10 favourites.
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oh yeah
Thanks for that Cnc pusga. I'm quite surprised that one of my replays would end up in anyone's top 10. At first, I was intending to make that chest skeet a dm but it wasn't quite a success.