You deserve more comments, that is all.

Shady encounter

The manipulation was great, but I was expecting a bit more of an explosive start to it. Even though I am going to be a little critical on that, the other hits flowed really well as did the pose, and the level of explosiveryness (I own this word now) is satisfactory for your style.

Also, why did you grab your leg at the start?

Paper Rabbits

That was just, my eyes...

Paper rabbits was one of the most sleek destruction replays I have seen in quite some time.
The ground dismemberment on the arm into a kind of boom like thing using self damage with the arm you just dismembered on the ground to shed weight and then that skeet. Oh, jeez.

You deserve a medal sir.

Oh, and that knee kick during the transition between the skeet and the pose flowed really well.
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Damn, it saddens me that I will never be able to do that.

Aw, don't say that. You might do better than these someday. Is it safe to assume that you are new to the forum? Seeing as it is your first post. Or is there a board that doesn't record post counts?

The leg grab in the beginning of Shady Encounter was just a mistake I did not bother to edit.

Anyways, a familiar looking replay here with an edited pose.
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Alright opener, and alright kick, but it allowed for a sexy arm kick :>
Didn't like the direction shift, it killed the momentum
You did however get alot of momentum from that swing and made a sweet 3 dm boomhit
The skeet was nicely done
Not as destructive as usual, but I'm not disappointed
oh yeah
I think I should start a new thread sooner or later. The thread title is starting to sound a little strange.

Anyways, I am quite satisfied with this replay.
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Bumping for the last time.

Also, I'm closing the thread. Not much people view these stuff anyways.

The next thread will come in a few days
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