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joint overlay?
so when you are grappling in the game and things get really cluttered and its hard to find that one joint thats blocked from sight, could there be an overlay feature like when you are facing your tori and uke is between you and the camera theres like an outline around you that shows through them, or they go slightly transparent where they are blocking LOS from the camera, maybe some kind of mesh overlay that shows a transparent view of your tori infront of the uke

or maybe some kind of [tab] feature that works with the joint tooltip thing where you can cycle through joints without having to find the joint manually
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Good suggestion
I absolutely love the idea of joint overlay, it does get really hard to see what you're doing not only in grappling situations but tight situations too wonder if they could even put a command in like /opt torioverlay 1 in cause this would be life saving 🔥🔥
bumping cuz ik yk this a good idea
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Also joint overlay could help alot for the mobile version due to the camera movement and screen size being small

smegma controller

You can probably salvage something here

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thats a nice one @snake

i made smth here (there are ways to make it much more beautiful but you'll get the idea)

I took tori model removed bodyparts to save space and rearranged joints so it is can be actually pressed on touchscreen (legs were made same size as hands, questionable desicion but for the sake of space that works)

After that i added grabs (cuz i forgot them) represented joint states with 2 indicators - text and outlines and filling (all beside relax state) and placed everything into the mobile version

So what i see - joints placement can be rearranged even better and the whole model can be bigger.
2nd thing my idea of extending right elbow indication is questionable but working solution

Aaaand last but not the least - Placement

I did some research and found out in current version when you open chat game anyways become barely playable so in my UX when chat opened torimodel just disappears and basically nothing changes in the flow of the game

once again shotout to snake for the idea, thanks

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somebody give this man a job at toribash HQ holy shit
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returned with update on the idea

1. Revamped joints so it looks more like normal tori


2. Came up with the idea how UX of feature should work (closed and opened conditions) also made some work on outlines, made relaxed state outline stroke thinner and changed font to the more readable one. also tweaked position and size of the "controller"


3. As a bonus i decided to show up that force color feature can be implemented (can be just an option in settings if you have jurio or pure force - ure prolly won't see shit soo..)
Aaand for those who is really into questioning things and UI - interaction of feature when it covers toris


To be done:
need to think about swipe marker (cuz if i center feature by the game UI it offcenters with iPhone's eyebrow)

Add some splatters on feature background - MAYBE because it will affect visibility
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