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For Toribash, it’s apparent that a significant aspect of in-game gameplay revolves around betting Toricredits on matches and engaging in duels for Toricredits. This element has undeniably gained substantial prominence within the game. However, it’s worth noting that despite the longevity of these features, there hasn’t been adequate attention given to addressing minor bugs and improving the existing commands, which are pivotal to the game’s functionality. In particular, commands such as /buynudge, which enables users to nudge themselves to the top of the queue for a price, and /giftnudge, should not be disregarded but rather enhanced.
Moreover, there is a notable absence of a command that could help mitigate toxicity associated with these nudge commands. Introducing a command like /min raise, which would mandate that a player must increase their nudge price by a specified amount or more before being allowed to nudge to the top of the queue, could serve as an effective solution. Additionally, the implementation of a command like /nudgeprice to set the nudge price to a specific amount of Toricredits and /selfbet, which grants a nudge for self-betting during gameplay, would contribute to a more comprehensive and refined gaming experience.
In summary, it is recommended that the developers consider addressing these issues and introducing the proposed commands to enhance the overall quality and fairness of gameplay within Toribash. These improvements will undoubtedly contribute to a more professional and enjoyable gaming environment for all players. In addition to the command improvements mentioned earlier, there’s an opportunity to enhance the overall betting system within Toribash. One suggestion is to make the system more visually appealing and efficient. For instance, rather than relying on moderators to sift through chat messages to identify players requesting nudges, the implementation of self-service commands as previously discussed can streamline this process and reduce the burden on moderators.
Furthermore, to improve transparency and provide a more engaging experience, it might be beneficial to create a list displaying the names of players who have placed bets, along with the amounts they’ve bet, in a format that’s visible to all participants. This could enhance the sense of community and fairness within the betting system. I have a picture example to illustrate this concept. Not an artist but it’s gets the job down now when you look at the script think about movememory.

Updated: When looking at the image overlay depicted below think about move memory script which is moveable its not going to sit there like an huge eye sore you should also be able to hide it if need be.
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I reciprocate the sentiments.
Imo, betting is the long overdue cancer of tb

cant claim the same for duels evenI believe hardcoded Best of 5 type of mode will be a good idea
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tell me about aikido
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