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THIS. the icon when you create a thread.
Also it named accountsale2.gif ^^ when you download it.
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Leon The Black
It was a thing when I was just a kiddo, now it isn't because it's really (really) hard to trace who scammed who, so is not a thing anymore. This image stays because well... They have other critical things to do.
Used to be allowed, now it's not allowed. Any users caught trading accounts will have their accounts banned - I assume the icon was implemented when it was legal. I don't know how difficult it would be to remove the icon from the list of thread icons you can choose but people rarely use post icons anyway so I doubt it's going to mislead many people, especially considering the rules on account trading are pretty clear.
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Yes I just wanted to report. And would be nice if you can report it to mods or admins of the site its not that hard I guess but as you said
They have other critical things to do.

-Thank you for your time. Closing thread.
Leon The Black