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National Teams in Toribash
Hello,and here is my idea.
It would be great do National Teams and every year do a World Tournament or something like that

First improvements
·To join a national team you should do an app to any GM or CM(GameMaster or Clan Moderator)and if the GM or CM accepts it you're in.
·Every year when a Tournament finishes all members of the national Teams are Kicked(or not)
·If they're not kicked,then every 2 or 3 days need to be active into forum and In-Game
·For the Tournaments should be required a minimum belt for enter


More details
·Use the War system to play.
·One team need 5 players max. and 3 players min.
·It can be any mod,like ABD,Jousting,etc
·Every year mod is changed

*Members will be voted for enter into a team

Every Year the players of a team will be voted for enter into the team(Grammar Nazi?)
For example:

Voted players to play in: Argentina
Superseba: 38% (24 people)
MartinDL: 30% (20 people)
Onsola: 36% (23 people)
maxiprieto: 26% (18 people)
lucae005: 23% (14 people)

The teams can report while fighting exposing images to hosts,then they just desqualify the opponent.

*When a guy haves to travel to another country, he will put his flag as the default country.

For example:

If I am Argentinian and I need to travel to Russia to know hampa, I need to get in a computer, enter into toribash forum and put Argentina as my default flag.

This will be helpful if a World Tournament Starts and you need to travel...

PS: Only if you're into a National Team you can put the default flag,for trolls that there are from USA and they put they are from Zimbabwe

*No buying tournaments to win
This will be helpful too, imagine if the leader of a country tells the host(or hosts) of the World Tournament to buy the cup for an incredibly amount of tc.
Obviously the hosts(or host) of the Tournament will say NO, and if he keeps sending messages the team will get disqualified

*More Cups
So,If there's a World Cup, We can do cups of different zones,for example

CONCACAF has Central American,North American and the Caribbean teams playing in the cup, In Toribash, we can do something like that.

*Singleplayer features

Spar replays:
Every team needs to do a singleplayer spar,and the best will be chosen by the own team,and that replay will be voted with the opponent replay by the GMs

And maybe Ukebash or Madman

*Team Ranking
As hampa put a player ranking, why not Team ranking?
for example

1st: USA (if the team keeps into this rank the team will get 100k per month)
2nd: Brazil (if the team keeps into this rank the members will get 50k per month)
3rd: Argentina (if the team keeps into this rank the members will get 30k per month)
4th: England (if the team keeps into this rank the members will get 20k per month)
5th: Russia (if the team keeps into this rank the members will get 10k per month)
6th: Venezuela (if the team keeps into this rank the members will get 5k per month)

*Staff members as a coach in every team
GMs,SMods,CMs,and every staff member can join any team (AS A COACH) by his own choice..
(Thanks Exteel1000)

*Belt Restriction

This is for guys that does multiclienting or enter with an alt.
Belt restriction will be:
Minimum: 2nd Dan Black Belt
Maximum: ∞

*Symbol of National Team Member´

Like Legends have the crown symbol why not national team members have it?


Actually not big ass icons but I didn't find nothing so

Got the icons from

Substitutes will participate if someone can't fight, for example

Example1 vs Example2

6 vs 6

Thaexample1 can't play for Example1, Proexample joins.

There will be 20 substitutes.

If it is a small country allies can help.

Auto-Disqualifications for the clan not showing up in his moment, Flaming, Spamming, or another things that can happen.

For example:

TeamExample1 vs TeamExample2

TeamExample1 can't show up because (SAMPLE TEXT)

Ok so,what you guys think?
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Now you're just planning an event, that's not a suggestion.
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Originally Posted by meow View Post
Now you're just planning an event, that's not a suggestion.

I'm telling about if an EVENT happens.
Fixed thanks meow
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Another thing that can be added that what if you use VPN like me and don't know any single one from the country that you are connected by VPN you can join an country that is not on you'r flag, only with the restriction that it needs to be the same language that you talk on such country, for example people from Angola only can select another country like Brazil or Portugal, since both speak Portuguese, or a oriental guy from North-Corea can be of South-Corea, but, he will probably be killed by using the world-wide internet and saying that you are a South-Corean.

Anyways, i support this.
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Well since I was thinking about this, Is just an idea for an event, there's already Toribash National countries and this is just a tournament, well this is my last bump, maybe I'll close this.
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I live in japan but almost no one plays from my country. If this was a thing i would participate but there would be little to people w/ japan.
Well, this could be a great idea for all players to bond with people from their own country and fight alongside them. Maybe we should add another feature "National Team" which is like clan and organization so they can also have their own sub-forum in toribash forum (like the official one).

Support this idea because.... why not right?
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Has someone suggested an event like the one where every team got their own 3D item (pink shutter shades)? This could apply to the national teams thing. Ofcourse it eould have to be edited and reformatted, though

Also MrMrO, people have been creating organizations that represent a country, maybe if each separate team created an org (a legitament org worthy of being an org), there could be an event regarding them.
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Well, maybe the different is the one in national organization can't participate in world event(which this thread suggest) but the one in National Team can ..
I say it like this because i think that organization doesn't have rank right? im not sure.

Lets say, add rank too for organization. The rank won't be only limited to the "National Organization" so it will be pretty much the same like clan with the organization of people from diff countries which will be included in the rank.
Thats why we need to add "National Team" with their own rank like what all Clans have now .. so it wont be mixed up to other things that isn't a National Team

I'm not sure if you understand what I'm trying to say here.. but I hope you get the idea.
My fear keeps me hesitating
An entirely separate system for national teams would not be practical. This is what the organizations are for.