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Beginner Giveaway
Welcome to the Beginner Giveaway.

For all Item & TC donations please send to ZENBOY123 and it will be put into Designated Accounts with ToriShop Shared Banks so that all Staff members can legally and safely transact TC and Items.

Please post here after sending a donation to any Staff member saying what you've donated for reference.

When sending donations, please make sure to note that it's for the giveaway to avoid any confusion.

Anyone wanting to join our staff just PM me or any other staff member and we will review your application.

For requesting Items or TC there are certain rules that should be followed.

Be specific when requesting, we cannot help you if we don't know what you want. Only brown belts below are allowed to request. No alts because making alts to request here is like stealing from beginners and we are coordinating with certain staff members to check for any alt accounts requesting here. Each person is entitled to a maximum request of 1 Item and 1,500 ToriCredits.





Staff Member of the Month (April)

Special thanks to:
Everyone donating TC & Items.
killer3366 for his frequent and formidable TC donations.
Certain Smods for offering their help with finding any alts who request here.
All the volunteering staff members who help with requests.
The Beginner Sanctuary Lmods who stickied this thread after agreeing to my request.
Myself for running this thing solo from Sept 20, 2015 - Feb 27, 2016.
Myself for making this in the first place.
Rouxster for donating one hundred thousand ToriCredits.
The Toribash Staff for their advice on how to make a safe and legal bank.
Sc1ence01 for making a Social Group for this.

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orc Pack is marked as an (S) item,it cannot be requested.I'm already brown belt so I'm not really sure if I qualify for this bigginer giveaway.I need 100 tc.not 1000,I'm sure I'm just fine with 100 tc[Received:Thanks!Really great help,i'll donate as soon as I get the item I want to buy(Right Bicep Text 128X12Cheers!]
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You've sent Chronos Pack, Gladiator Pack, Orc Pack to ZENBOY123.
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Donated 1k tc and set of 20 chronos grips
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Thanks to everyone for donating I'll fill the requests soon I'm just handling something real quick.
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Chronic grib plez
Formerly known as MrUnicorn
I sexually identify as an avacado