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(kick) Revival, apply now!

credit to Otu for the clan logo Nov 7, 2007

As per tradition, the requirements to join are:

-Blackbelt or higher
-An ingame test of skill in the mode of your choice (no mods)
-Reply in this thread these answers for your application.

How long have you been playing? (multiplayer):
Where would you like to be tested? (mode NOT mod):
Any last words? (anything you'd like to say goes here):

Check out the clan DSC thread here!
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Hi there, I'm a master belt, I've been playing multiplayer since 2013. I have also been apart of many different clans as well as being toribash staff.
I don't have any mode in particular, so I don't mind that's why I'll accept a challenge and let you choose one to test me in. I like to test myself and push myself to the limits!

Thanks for reading!
Quack's Club

Pm me for help or if you have any questions.
Less than shameless self bump, still looking for any passionate community members who would be interested in helping to build this clan.
[20:26] <hanz0> Moral of the story: Dragons will (bleep)ing kill you.