Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Age? 23

Reason to join the clan? I guess I'm feeling....Lucky :P

First name? AJ

How much you play? All the time, been playing since 2008

What can you do for this clan? I'm one of the coolest people you'd ever meet, I'm down to earth, but also blunt(not rude)

How much you go on the forums? Every time I'm playing ToriBash

Do you have steam? Yes

What mods you are good at? Mostly all of them, I prefer Aikido.

Are you willing to wait to join this clan? I'm a father of 2 girls, I got all eternity lol

Also what gender and race? Male/ Hispanic

Reason to join the clan=i wish to improve my skill and wish to help others become better

First name=dylan

How much you play=almost every day

What can you do for this clan=i can help improve otheres and well i love to have fun with it

How much you go on the forums=everyday

Do you have steam=yes and no its my bros

What mods you are good at=kickbox/mushu/lenshu

Are you willing to wait to join this clan=yes ill be fine to wait just cant wait to get started

Also what gender and race=white and male
"how much you go on the forums everyday" Total Posts
0 ... dont lie
but besides that everything else checks out. like ur app +.5
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Age : 12

reason:i heard about u guys merging the clans.One of your members (UkeNorris),(BlingGod) told me to join.He was my original clan leader of the clan called (TB).Please accept me guys.


HowMuchDoYouPlay:i am active almost all of the time,except for when i am at school.

WhatCanYouDoForThisClan:I can help out with many things, my favorite mod is aikido.I am really good at it,i'm a cool person to hang out with

HowMuchTimesDoYouGoOnForums:I check the forums everytime i go on toribash to see if there are any new events happening

DoYouHaveSteam:Yes i do

WhatModsAreYouGoodAt:i am good at mushu,aikido,greykido,aikidobigdojo,rk-mma,sparring,parkour,i prefer grappling the most

AreYouWillingToJoinThisClan?:I am willing to join this clan,i will do whatever it takes

WhatGenderAreYou:I am a male
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Age: 20

Reason to join the clan:Looking for more friends and a good community!

First name:Just call me Syylex

How much you play: I try and play at least once a day for a couple hours

What can you do for this clan: I have minimal coding skills and I do amature work on textures from time to time!

How much you go on the forums: I get on every time I get on Toribash

Do you have steam: Yessir!

What mods you are good at:I mainly play Kido varients, I'm learning Mushu

Are you willing to wait to join this clan: Sure, why not.

Also what gender: I'm a male.

Age: 14

Reason to join the clan: i want to become friends with everybody and i believe that we can make our goals that we set together.

First name logan

How much you play: everyday i have almost 600hours on my steam record

What can you do for this clan: i can make it stronger

How much you go on the forums: almost everyday

Do you have steam: yes my steam name is candyisbae

What mods you are good at: akidio aikidobigdojo mushu and a little bit of tykwon < cant spell it
yes i am willing to wait
Gender: Male Race:i am white
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