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Would you tolerate guys like these?
Kicked me even though I didn't have chance to fight a single round while he called me a noob and keep fighting with this white belt(not a custom belt) which is probably his friend or he just wants to wreck white belt noobs.

This is just plain rude.
understand that it's his private room he can say/do whatever he wants keep that in mind whenever you join a private server also smufr is an alt
Thank you for existing. Rest in peace Ty.
You should host a bet server, wait 'till he come... AND BAN HIM WITHOUT LETTING HIM FIGHT A SINGLE ROUND
TGS 2013 - 2019 ~violently slaughtered by Orko
I kicked you multiple times and you kept returning, was the message not clear that you weren't wanted in my server?
Swaves had every right to kick you. That was his private server, and he wanted you to leave.

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