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Hello. Hello. Here are two mods I've made yesterday. I hope you enjoy them. Let's break it down shall we. All mods located at the bottom.

Matarika Parkour Fortress

Welcome to this beast of a mod. A climbers paradise. With walls, rock climbing, bar climbing, slope climbing, twists and turns. And hidden back routes that will challenge you.

Pick one of the 3 starting areas on the ground and make your way up to the peak of this massive mod. With dozens of different routes to take, rarely will any two replays be the same.

At the top you will find a huge zip-line pole. A triumphant fly through of all your progress and back to the bottom

(Warning: Because of Speed + Weight. Holding On is very difficult. So Grabbing your hands over the bar has the best results for a clean slide.)

Or take the option of starting from the top and make you're way to the bottom!

128 Objects


Matarika Cave Trick Spot

A little additional mod based off of some cool cave tricking videos I've seen on youtube. Basically you just run and leap off and do some cool aerial tricks before landing at the bottom. Good for quick Multiplayer replays and creative moves/stalls. I used this mod partly to practice creating rock structures as I've been bad at it.


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I totaly didn't scream at mata last night to make the Climb mod, not at all

Ok maybe i did fuck you i wanted a mod to have fun in
I was ALMOST giving up on refreshing the mods thread because no one would post anything. Thank you Mata, it looks solid af, im gonna have fun on this one.
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time to master some more mata mods
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