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Failed Activity Check :: Pending Removal
Hi Hunters, you guys failed to pass our most recent activity check.

Since you've failed two recent checks (and things aren't improving), you've unfortunately been flagged for removal.

In a weeks time, I will be killing this clan and the board will be moved into the Dead Clans board.

Use this week to decide where to go from here.
damn it only took 4 years after we stopped playing to be recognized as a dead clan
A proud ex-leader of the mighty [Hunters]
I guess I'll just quote myself from the last warning, as it still describes the whole situation rather well.

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To be completely honest, it's rather surprising that his didn't happen earlier as we are pretty much dead for more than two years now (With a couple of posts since then, but not really that much tbh).

In fact, I've checked the forums last month and was rather surprised to see that the clan still didn't recieve this last warning.

Anyways, I've had a great time in this clan and met quite a lot of cool people here. Eventually most of us just got too busy with other stuff and kinda forgot about TB or just decided to quit for whatever reasons.

So, now since that's been said, the only thing I wonder is what we should do with the clan's bank, as it still stores ~132000 TC.
In my opinion, there are two options:

1) Equal amount of TC for everyone in the clan (~11k/each)
2) The TCs stay where they are, so we can use them whenever one of us decides to rebuild the clan

I'd prefer option 2, as those TCs aren't from the current members only and it's mostly been used for things that concerned the whole clan, such as clan events. Additionally, with Toribash Next comming, there's the chance of people returning to the forum as well. And at that point, a Hunters revival is a possibility that we should keep in mind as well.