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Global Rules

Toribash Rules
These rules are applied to all areas Toribash, the game, forum, official discord & any official social media channels. This is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of every punishable action, ask a moderator (found here: Toribash Staff,@ToriAgents or @Super Moderators in the Toribash Discord’s #support channel) if you’re not sure about something.
Not knowing the rules is not a defense against breaking them.

  • Forum Rules
    • Useless posting
      Posts in any area of the forum should be kept on-topic and useful. If a post has little content or does not contribute to the discussion at hand, it may be infracted at a moderator's discretion.

      Each section also has its own more specific rules about what constitutes an appropriate post.
    • Backseat Moderation
      Backseat moderation is when any person other than a moderator attempts to enforce any rule upon another member. If you see a user breaking a rule, please use the report button by their post to alert a moderator to it so that proper action can be taken.
    • Thread necromancy: bumping old threads
      • Generally you should not bump a thread that is over a week or two old. In the off-topic or discussion board you can feel free to bump a thread at anytime as long as you are adding to the discussion (re-sparking the discussion, adding new viewpoint, adding new information, etc...)
      • When arriving at a thread from a google search be especially mindful to check the date first before you post to avoid bumping old threads. Note this may result in an infraction / warning.
    • Inappropriate / Malicious Links
      • Posts and threads inclusive of links considered malicious (i.e. phishing links, shock sites, generally anything with ill-intent) are not allowed. Posts of such nature will be deleted and infracted in accordance with the discretion of a moderator.
      • Posts and threads that include pornographic content, gore, animal cruelty - anything of violent and/or illegal nature are not allowed and will be infracted.

  • In-Game Rules
    Rigging a Decap Prize
    • What is a decap prize (DP)?
      A decap prize is a public mini event where a player may add TC to the decap prize pool (using /decapprize TCamount). The server then awards this amount to the player succeeding in decapping their opponent and winning the match.
    • What is DP rigging?
      DP rigging is setting up means opposing regular gameplay by which one may obtain the decap prize pool. This usually occurs with two players plotting together to choreograph a match where one is able to decap the other with ease. This is strictly prohibited.

      After you have used the DP command to add TC to the prize pool, the TC is NO LONGER YOURS. You no longer have claim over it and as such, any action taken with the motive to claim it unfairly is considered rigging and will be punished. Note that the type of server (tournament, betting, public, private) does NOT make a difference.
      If you feel a DP was rigged, use the ingame report function and/or contact a staff member immediately. Take screenshots and save the replay.

      Decap Prize abuse
      Using the DP to spam chat or bump your transaction history for whatever reason (e.g. to hide transfers or transfer TC to accounts below 20 QI) is prohibited and will be punished.

      As a further note, you may not rig the decapprize: this includes changing the mod. The same rules apply, regardless of whether the server is ending. The only exception is that the mod may be changed to a mod specifically approved by an Event Squad member, Super Moderator, or Administrator.
    • Decap Prize abuse
      As stated above, the decap prize is meant as a reward for player that scores decap. Using the decap prize to intentionally transfer TC for whatever reason (e.g. to hide transfers or send money to accounts below 20 qi) is prohibited and will be punished as an abuse of system. Any similar workaround transfers will be punished as well.
    • Duel Trapping
      Duel trapping occurs when a player uses the in-game duel system to force another player into a duel for which they did not agree to participate in. In this case it will be considered a win for the trapped player, and the player who initiated the trap will be banned. In the case of an accidental “trap”, the TC will simply be returned to the owner.
    • Room Names
      Room names and descriptions should be kept appropriate. Insults, profanity, racial slurs, and any other inappropriate material is not allowed in room names or descriptions.
    • Soft Rules
      Soft or “unofficial” rules such as “no shoveling” or “no decap openers” are not enforced. While you may agree to them in cases of private servers or dueling, they are not considered official and will not be upheld by the staff team. In addition, placing soft rules on any form of event or bet server is prohibited.

    • Farming
      Farming is defined as any method of causing harm to the system such as excessive botting or using exploits and bugs to abusing the system to get around the anti-farm prevention in order to gain more TC/qi/elo than normal play would allow. The daily caps on earning TC and QI should be sufficient to prevent botting and excessive earning. Farming is not allowed and will be severely punished.
    • Multi-clienting
      Multi-clienting occurs when two or more clients are connected to any one room from the same network. When this occurs, (MC) appears next to the names of multi-clienting account. Multi-clienting is forbidden in any official servers. Players are allowed multi-client in private rooms.
    • Playing in Official Beginner Rooms on Alternate Accounts
      Playing in official beginner rooms on an alternate account will result in you receiving an IP ban from the beginner rooms. Leave the beginner rooms to legitimate beginners.
    • Bots & Automation
      The nefarious use of software to provide added advantage of competitive or monetary value in the game is strictly prohibited.
      This includes:
      • Bots that play the game automatically (scripts are allowed for quick moves but AFK-botting will get you banned)
      • Bots managing rooms without the presence of a human operator (bots may not be /house of any room)
      • Bots being in player lists and using chat
      • Market bots that buy and sell items autonomously
    • Transparent Textures
      Textures must be at least 60% visible on all parts.
      This rule does not apply to trails and objects without physics.

  • Global Rules
    • Harassment
    • Harassing other users by insulting, name-calling, using slurs (including racial, transphobic, homophobic, or antisemtic) for any reason is not allowed. We wish to maintain a friendly atmosphere and any form of harassment in public spaces will result in an infraction or ban being immediately issued.

      “Public space” is defined as:
      • Game - Any room that is not password protected
      • Forum - The entire forum except for private boards
      If it is brought to a moderator’s attention and found that your behaviour disrupts another player’s experiences; warnings, infractions, or bans will take place.

      Note that password protected rooms do not give you unilateral permission to break the Terms of Service or Global Rules. Generated reports from password protected rooms will still be handled by moderation teams. You are encouraged to use operator powers to remove users you do not want in your room.

    • Pornography/shock sites/pirated software etc.
      The promotion and/or encouragement of Pornography/shock sites/pirated software is not allowed at any time regardless of reason within the Toribash Community. This is inclusive (but not exhaustive) of linking, referring and mentioning to such content in-game, on the forums or on Toribash Discord.

    • Scams
      A scam occurs when two players come to an agreement or deal for any sort of transaction, be it in the market, dueling, or otherwise, and one party fails or refuses to meet their side of the deal. Scams will be severely punished, and anything owed by the offender will be sent from their account. If you have been scammed, you should create a post in the Scam Reports section of the forum and be sure to include all relevant information and evidence so that the staff may help to resolve the issue.
      A more detailed explanation would be available here. In addition, you can always @Market Squad on Toribash Discord who would advise you to file a scam report and assist you from thereon.

    • Hacking, Bug Exploitation, and other abuses of the system
      Any form of hacking or exploitation of any bugs for any reason will be severely punished. If you suspect a bug in either the forums or the game, please contact an administrator immediately and do not share information of the bug with anyone else.
    • Account Trading/Sharing
      Accounts may not be sold, traded, or transferred to another person in any way. Any account found to be transferred temporarily or any attempts to transfer an account will result in a permanent ban of the account in question as well as appropriate punishment for any other users involved.
    • Broadcasts
      Use of the broadcast system should be limited to advertising in-game tournaments and events. Advertising market items, requesting duels, making non-event related announcements, or any other uses of the system will result in a ban. Broadcasts should also not contain any profane language.
    • Non-Toribash Trading
      The promotion or encouragement of buying / selling non-toribash related commodities are not allowed and will be severely punished.

      This may include (but is not exhaustive of):
      • Steam gift cards (gift cards of any platform for that matter)
      • Accounts in other gaming platforms
      • In-game items/cosmetics of other games (e.g. CS skins)
      • In-game currency of other games
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