opener is somehow a worse version of nuthugs nutdemo2 . rest of the rpl is coool i especially liked the breakdance part as well as the transition out of it. wish you did some bigger tricks though and the hook towards the end is kinda ugly and weak imo
Sick replay, your solution to the uke problem you showed in #replays is completely different to mine and very interesting. The manip looks super cool but I wish you had taken care to iron out some of the twitches throughout.

My only criticism is mostly an autistic thing and I just think that if a replay is going to end after one hit it should visually be the best possible hit you can get. I like to look for symmetry personally and then maximise the DMs. In this example since you are going for a double kick and the second leg doesn't get to do any work on the hit, I think if you aimed your left leg towards uke's opposite shoulder, and tried to go for 5 DMs by oblitering his upper torso it'd look extremely satisfying. I just think it adds a lot to the replay when the hit is a lot cleaner, because as it stands this one looks like you just hit the nearest possible joints and went with it.

Pose is cool tho lol
thanks tbaby

idk with this whatever shit but i had some fun atleast i guess
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Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
Hi phone tabby here typing based on a fucking gif in #replays

Funny opener, sick grab, cool ankle and wrist dm. Transition out of wrist dm looked a bit odd/hard to work with, and the grab for the split I'm on the fence about because I'm a bit of an elitist but it's otherwise really funny and the grab on the foot to setup the other kick is just straight up cool

You could've maybe got the chest joint in that first hit but I really want to talk about that second hit because wtf, looks as if the fucking hip broke before u even touched him due to being whipped so hard and somehow you didn't break the hip you literally kicked through which is just funny

Movement into the skeet looks a bit odd and makes the skeet really stick out like a sore thumb whereas I think it being more subtle would have been preferable tbh

good work xoii
thanks tbaby, also yeah that second kick was literally the goofiest shit ever that just came on the first try so i just kept it

meme thing me and snowman did
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Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.