The replay is sick and pretty funny, I wish it was even funnier, you should have grabbed a limb with each hand and spun like zweihander.

On a side note, can you guys please keep it acceptable with the minimalism posting, I don't mind short posts but if they have no substance I can't continue to reasonable pretend to moderate this board
oh yeah
first few spins were nice. don't really like the little ground flick at 345, disturbs your momentum and bends your lumbar in the wrong direction a bit too long for my liking. nothing that comes out of looks particularly appealing either, just floppy. also not really a fan of your hand tapping the ground twice separately, makes you look uncontrolled and indecisive. i do like the two kicks in between though, very stylish and smooth. now there's a pretty massive ghost after that, i wouldn't mind if it wasn't that noticeable, but it is. regardless, you put yourselves in a good position to continue and you continued well. if you bent your lumbar to the right at the start of the spin it would've looked a lot more a e s t h e t i c and less clumsy. following spins are cool. must say though, im not a fan of your left arm at around 100 and 10. makes everything look significantly worse imo. pose is alright, of course you didnt change the frames so yea. overall good replay, i'd give it a 6.5/10 for movement, 7.5/10 for dms, and 6/10 for creativity. so on average its a 6.6/10.
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like the jittery movements, always cool. followed by probably one of the most unique double knee dms, really nice. punch was nice, an actual punch rather than a clothesline. following kick nice too, lots a dms in a short period of time. overall very nice, only thing i can say that bothers me is that you quite often let your arms go limp, would like to see more effort in them. good job!
oh my god why am i so sexy !?
innovative replay where i invent new genres
finished version
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you're so creative, and the fact that you have the skills to initiate every concept that comes up your genius mind, is just superb.