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[SEMEN]History Clan
Hello. It Is With Honor I Bring U The Story Of Great Clan S&S Semen & Sorrow.

The Story Clan

The Story Of Man With No Penis But Great Want To Cum Big Much Tommy Was A Man Of Big Cum As Big Hope But No One Payed Attention To Him He Was Very Sad This Was And So He Decided To Chop Penis He Cried Cried Very Loud Until Neighbor Alisa Came To Rescue She Told U R Crazy? He Reply No I Just Cum But No Can So Took Him To Prostitute Center And Said This Place U But He Did No Can They Went With Amethyst To Other Place But Crazy So They No Can Until One Day Teh Sorrow Became Big Smooth And He Said Enough Is Enough And Cut His Penis And Cry The Ears Were Hot And Aflame When He Did But He Noticed He Had Mission To Become Teh Greatest Of All And So He Decided With His Friends Adquired Kristis133 Chuck And Others He Would Be The Clan Warrior For His Clan Sneaky Ninjas Thank U For Reading Wait A Second U Are Being Fooled Tricked Into U R Dead Now He So Good Ninja He Kill U N Punch U As U Read Like Stupid Mwahahahah Ok He Said To Every One Good Day Good Night Whatever He Was Very Cool And Chill He Never Afraid Anything So He Told Them I Am He Was Not Really But Lying A Gay Every One On Feet And Roller Blade Start Coming To Stage He Was Not Expecting The Smoke His Friends And So They Were Happy Again And Everyone Clapped And So They Started From This Day The Club Of Winners Known To Every One As Semen & Sorrow They Are #1 Toribash Club And Mission Is To Every One Die As Their Penis Until No Penis Known For Killing Hampa N Hanz0 N NutHug N Rutzor N CheZDa N CheZe Every Important Toribasher Player History Very Much Thank U History Semen Cum Very Much We More We Important We No Forgo We No For Take Forget Us We Are Annihilous
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In True Semen Clan Fashion Im Gonna Ejaculate To This Post
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Sorry It Took So Long But Heres My Load Of 3 Months

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<ego>holy fuck a bat is in my room
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what the actual fuck just happened
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