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[VID] Toris in real world

I am trying a new kind of editing. I will show you all my steps through tests.

My objective is doing a short movie with toris in the real world and make a story with episodes.

/!\ If you know how to do shaders, please PM me /!\

There is the first test :

Things aren't perfect, shadows, inlay and distant blur need more work.

Test2 :

Test3 :

Test4 :

Test5 :

I added self-made shadows to toris. I know, a shadow is moving alone and the last clip is really pixellised.

Test6 :

2nd spar added, I try to improve the inlay. There are still miss some shadows.

Test7 :

With real world sequence.

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Nice Idea.Would be nice to see full length video


Not bad, it could be better. The outline on the toris is too thick, if you're using Keylight for keying out the greenscreen, there are some settings that can reduce the thick outlines, like adjusting settings in screen matte and inside mask (at least in ae).

Please do multiple shots for the same replay, that angle was boring and too long.
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Please do multiple shots for the same replay, that angle was boring and too long.

Thats the plan, for now i only work on the technical aspect, when i will start the first episode it will be make with multiple angles.

Thanks for the advices.

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dont use a picture for the background
record an angle irl and make a camera path similar to it
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It isn't a picture, it is a movie, just nothing is moving. I will use parts from outside with wind making nature moving.

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I like the idea, but the angle is way to far out for my likings and the sounds the make while hitting/stepping isn't great.
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had the same idea. goodbye dreams

No, do it. This isn't about competition, it is about doing what we like. There is no problem to do the same thing.

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