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Toribash Userbar(s)?

Copy this so you can use it in your sig, if you want
I was bored while waiting for my turn, so I decided to make this userbar for Toribash! :P
If you want more, with different pictures, you can always ask me!
(I thought this was the best place to create the topic, please tell me if I'm wrong)
Re: Toribash Userbar(s)?
I like it ^^ i've seen a few of those neat userbars around, then again, if i made an userbar for each place that i'm in, my sig would be approximately 800x800pixels.
What what? In the butt.
Re: Toribash Userbar(s)?
Haha, well that's why there are animated userbars >_>
(An userbar made up of 10~ userbars)
Re: Toribash Userbar(s)?

I hope it's better! (I will make a different one with a different focus picture soon)


Re: Toribash Userbar(s)?
i like them all! ill take the original

p.s. who the hell needs to be closer than 20 cm to their screen?
Its really bad for your eyes :P